Top 5 T-shirts for 2014 January 5, 2015 – Posted in: Info

Happy New Year!  What a blessing this past 2014 has been for Be The Light Tees. We announced a few weeks ago that we were planning to release our new website on the 1st, of January and to our amazement and delight we were actually able to do that. This past year has been a growing year for us. Brandon has been working on the new site for the whole year. It has been a learning experience and one I think Brandon has enjoyed, though I am sure he is glad it’s over.  That doesn’t mean, however, that what you see is the final product. We will be making changes and adding new features throughout the year.  If you have any constructive criticism about our site we would love your feedback.

As you all probably know, we post a new t-shirt every Monday. This last year we did 52 designs, and in the spirit of “looking back to move forward”, below are our 5 most popular designs from 2014. These five, as with all of our designs, are available in the warehouse if you would like one.  We hope you enjoyed the last year of shirts and we are praying that you are blessed by the ones to come. Thank you.


1.)  Freedom Dove


2.) Glitter Cross

BTL_Glitter Cross_Image-Front

3.) Fruit of the Spirit

BTL_Fruit of the Spirit_Front

4.) Guess what day it is?

BTL_Guess What Day It Is_Front

5.) Transformed