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Today is a day in which Christ will be expressed through little acts of love, by many of His children, who know Him as Life.

Today is a day where I can let go of what I need and just meet the needs of others (wherever they are at).

Today is a day where I find my own needs met by Christ. (despite me forsaking my own needs to help others)

Today is a day where I am free, sinless, focused, and expectant on the good things God is doing – little acts of Love – and this is all because of Christ, the cross and the Spirit.

Today, like all other days, is a day that’s already known by Christ, the good and the bad of it has already happened in Him.

Today is a day where I can have fellowship with others, eating and drinking physical food and drink, as well as eating and drinking in Christ, through encouragement.

Today is a day where I can explore the unsearchable riches of Christ, as seen in the scriptures put to prayer, and have this refresh, motivate, and strengthen me – to experience Christ through loving others

Today is a day where I can rest in Christ’s love, just be still, and know that His Love is on me and in me – just as I am – and then love others the same.

Today is a day where I can play or do something relaxing in His grace.

Today is a day that I can give myself over to suffering, and it not be that bad, because when Love is the motivation, it only hurts in a good way, and it sits right with my heart.

Today is a day where I can ask the Lord in my heart what would be Love towards Him (almost as if He had a need) and He’ll answer me.

Today is a day where I have no remorse of the past, nor any real fear of the future…for I know I will always be able to love, with the very love of which I’m Loved by Christ. (Nothing can separate me from this ongoing experience.)

Today is a day to overcome the evil one, through little battles, by asserting who I am, through little actions of Love.

Today is a day where I can know who I am, which happens through the experience of loving others, for I am that spirit of Love, newly created in Christ. I am one with Him, the Father, and the Spirit.

Today is a day to be baptized, cleansed and immersed, into the reality of Christ and His Love.

Much of contents of today, will continue to be experienced after I die, even more so in the heavenly realm and on into eternity.

Today is Christ, His summing up of all things in Him – as the All in all.


I hope and pray you view your days through Christ, in a way similar to how I view mine…


Questions on this could be:

How do you view your days ? How have you come to view them as you do ?

As you are honest, may Christ meet you where you are at…

…and even if you are not quite honest with yourself, may He meet you there too 🙂


Russ K.