There is a place where faith…. November 15, 2012 – Posted in: Love

There is a place where faith, prayer, worship, repentance, forgiveness, humility and Love all meet.

There is a powerful practice of consistently feeling – whatever we may be feeling– knowing that God acknowledges us.

When this becomes our prayer without ceasing, truth comes in….as deeper fears are unearthed…only to be cast away by the very Love of God.

Then we will love sincerely, we don’t have to “choose” or “try,” to Love, for it will be reflexive and automatic.

However, we do have to consistently decide to feel whatever we are feeling. (Not act on everything, but feel everything.)

For those who object, there is another way, but it’s not preferable.

You can constantly will yourself to Love, despite what you may feel, but this way is not fueled with Divine power…and this way has serious and detrimental limitations.

At best, you will only love semi-well…and the credit does not go to the Lord, but to your own will power.

Most likely, you need to hit rock bottom…and find that Christ and His way, as that rock, at the bottom.

“Love must be sincere.” Rom 12:9

The Lord has already answered your prayer to “help you be more loving…”

He’s already answered it, by so designing everything in your life…that when we you deal with your fears and error, by going there in prayer, (the prayer described above) God’s love comes, causing real and lasting change…thus you become more Loving – but this change is not directly of us, rather it’s of God. This the process of sanctification, of which we should patiently trust.

“He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the LORD require of you but to do right and love kindness, walk humbly with your God.” Michah 6:8

So Humility is where it starts and ends.

But it’s a Humility defined as the willingness to allow every emotion, every feeling.  (Despite all else – other’s opinions, societal norms, past upbringing, ect.)

It’s really all about humility, and it takes a little faith too.

Faith to believe that God wants to fill you and change you with His very substance, His Love…that He’s designed and so ordered everything in your life to lead you to this…it happens when we see His truth and our error…this takes place powerfully over time, as we feel whatever we feel….as we are humble…as we pray with our lives…living the questions…living the doubts…living the faith to live the answers…until we find that we really do, with the naturalness and authenticity of a true child of God.

“There is no fear in love.  But perfect love drives out fear…” 1 John 4:18

Don’t be fooled, this simple truth can be missed for years…for lifetimes it seems…for we are all masters at self-seduction.

The daily choice, the experiment, is yours…you can stop denying how you really feel, deciding to face (and feel) your fear as it arises…only for it to be put out by God’s great Love…resulting that you may “fear not, little child only believe…”

Or you can be lovingly condemned to stagnation…but who would want that?

Why would you want to only stay as happy as you currently are?