The Word by Osmosis May 27, 2015 – Posted in: Learning – Tags:

One definition of osmosis is: ” the process of gradual or unconscious assimilation of ideas, knowledge, etc.”

I’ve always heard people say they are “learning stuff by osmosis,” ie. listening to tapes (old school, I know), music, or something in the background.  I never realized that this process could work with the Word until I saw it  happen with my father.  My father used to really dis-like going to church, but would go to please my mom.  Although he attended,  I felt like he would zone out  – or just try to stay awake through the 1.5 hour service.

After awhile, my mom really started to take notice of his changes!  Instead of groaning about going to church, he would remind her that church is on Sunday and he was more than willing to go – not to please my mother, but because he wanted to.  Granted, it still seemed to me that he was not very attentive.

It wasn’t until my mother started to have a typical life issue and my father stepped up and started to quote what the pastor said from a sermon that we KNEW he was engaged!   It  rang complete truth in my mom.  Soon after,  he got a new schedule for work and was presented with the option to take Saturday or Sunday off..  My mother told him he should just work Sunday since she was used to him having Saturday off.  He told her he CHOSE  Sunday as his day off so that he could go to church with her

The more I see the changes in him, I realize that maybe it’s not the power of osmosis, but the power of HIS Living Word!  The power of the Holy Spirit speaking to your soul – subconsciously!

This is one of the reasons “Be The Light Tees” started: a fresh way with design to spread the Living Word of God.  A way people can say, ” hey, that’s a cool looking design /or quote” and  realize it’s from the God’s Word. People tell us they saw a verse on a shirt that they really needed to see or hear.  We at “Be The Light Tees” are so blessed to use the opportunity and talent that God has given us to help spread the Word in a unique way.