The “No Big Deal” of the Kingdom October 17, 2012 – Posted in: Uncategorized

When Christ described the Kingdom He often used – little things over big things.

Jesus said the Kingdom is like seeds. People in little acts of love, whether in word or deed, that actually prove ineffective 3 out of 4 times. (Mt. 13)

Instead of comparing the Kingdom to the redwood-esque Cedars of Lebanon (mentioned in the Psalms and Is. 2) Jesus said the Kingdom was like a mustard seed and tree. Historically/culturally speaking, a mustard tree was despised for one’s garden. It cropped up and flourished much like a weed, grew into a thicket, and attracted undesirables to the garden (birds).

How about the greatest in the Kingdom ? Little children apparently.

The greatest in the Kingdom is (present tense) “the one who is humble like a child.” (Mt.18:4)

“There will be no grown-ups in heaven.” might be the best translation of Jesus’s words in Mt. 19:14.

For further explanation, have you heard of the straw-man of 1 Corinthians 13 ???

Here’s one who knew all mysteries and all knowledge, speaking and prophessing messages with great articulation. Here’s one who had great faith, famous faith, the kind that could actually move mountains. Here’s one who even gave all their possessions to the poor and even gave up their body to be martyred.

And yet, their assessment is not great…..not even “okay, but could be a little better…”

They profit nothing and are accounted as nothing…for they are simply without Love.

Give yourself over to Love today – for Love is God’s law and His nature.

Simply tend to the need of the other, with patience and care. One after the next, as people and their need approach you.

Listen to others, speak and act according to their need – as the moment dictates…and you will experience the gospel that you’ve been trying to get from your head to your heart.

Make no mistake, you’ll lose yourself – your way, what you have to say, your persona and agenda…but you will also find yourself abiding. You’ll be abiding in Christ – abiding in the great Love which has kept you – that which you had learned at first. (1 Jn. 4: 7-12)

What’s keeping you from having the rest of your day just be one little act of love followed by the next ?

It doesn’t have to be big, it’s okay, you can be like a child in it – that meekness is actually preferred and touted as the greatest way to be…by the greatest One whoever was and is.

What’s keeping you from loving God primarily by loving others ? What’s keeping you from more fully inheriting the Kingdom ?

Don’t worry, it’s no big deal.

Russ K.