The First One October 11, 2012 – Posted in: Uncategorized

Hi everyone, this is my first post and I am excited to able to write this. Brandon and I have been talking about this website for over a year, but it’s been a constant idea in my head for a long time. The Lord made a lot of stuff happen so I would be motivated to do this. He even moved Brandon’s entire company far, far away so he would have to come back to work with me.

You can see that our site is a Christian-based site. Each shirt will have a scripture on it. The point of having the scripture on it is to encourage the person who wears the shirt and also to share our beliefs with others. If someone likes the shirt that you are wearing it’s a great way to start a conversation that could ultimately lead to witnessing and that’s the point.

I have a lot of dreams for this website. I want this site to be an inspiration. I want the Lord to be the focus in everything we do. I want to sell a million t-shirts, ok well, maybe that’s a little much. I hope to grow our site and offer more than just t-shirts. We should have forums up soon and that will be a fun challenge for us. This will allow others to post their ideas for t-shirts and get feedback.

I encourage anyone to give us feedback. We are new to this and are open to any suggestions. We may not implement all of them, but we will listen and talk over any ideas for improvement.

I hope you will continue to visit us to see our new designs and the changes we will be making. Like us on Facebook so you can get automatic updates when the shirts come out.

Grace and Peace,