Spiritual “Diet” – Only You and The Lord in the Morning May 23, 2013 – Posted in: Challenge

So summer’s approaching pretty fast.  For us in Texas it’s already starting to feel like summer as May temperatures are already in the 90’s.
With that people are picking up diets to try and get that “swim suit” look again.

Well, I started to think what am I going to be doing to increase my relationship with the Lord during this summer? So I started reading a daily prayer that my pastor Delton Weiser pointed to me awhile back.  The Daily Prayer was written by John Eldredge and is located here Daily Prayer .  This prayer is quite lengthy, but filled with very good info to help you pray over yourself, your house hold, and more importantly being restored in the Lord.

So my challenge for all of you as well as myself is to give this prayer a read and open your heart to it every morning for 30 days.  Then, see how God starts to work in your life and see what kind of changes He brings to you.

Through out the 30 days, the Be The Light Tees Team will be posting verses that go with that daily prayer and dive a bit more into them.

We pray that through this, 30 day “diet” of just the Lord in the morning, will enrich your relationship with Him.

Let’s see what happens when we begin our days with our Lord!