Spiritual Diet – Update June 14, 2013 – Posted in: Challenge

Hey All,

This is just an update to see where those of you are that have accepted this journey to do a daily prayer for a month are and how it’s been working out for you.

For me it’s been very difficult.  The daily prayer is long, but that’s also a good thing.  I tend to spend 5 minutes if that a day sometimes in prayer.  This daily prayer helps me actually sit down and devote time to the Lord.

I’ve also found it very difficult since I’m not really theologically inclined and still trying to understand the Word, explaining what some of the verse that are indicated in the Daily Prayer mean on our blog.  Or even how John is reciting them in the daily prayer.

I’ve come to the realization that without some kind of restoring / renewing with the Spirit at the start of my day my connection with the Lord becomes less and less.  I came to that realization as I started a couple days with missing my daily prayer and time with my Lord.

So for this update I just wanted to know where you all were and what kind of struggles you have had or not had.