Seeing the actions of Jesus… October 3, 2013 – Posted in: God's Inspiration & Praise Reports

Here’s what happened:

I was having lunch with my pastor at a local Chili’s. We were just talking and discussing our relationship and growth with our Lord and Savior. He ended up chatting up with our waitress and asked her name. She said it’s “Charlie”. “Very nice to meet you Charlie, that’s an interesting name where did it come from” he responded. She then answered him and said “My Grand-Father”. She then went on and took our order. When she came back with our food my pastor looked up at her and said “Charlie, we are about to pray for our food here, is there anything we can pray for you?”. This was amazing just seeing her caught off guard. She almost started to cry and then told us about her parents. They are truck drivers and aren’t home much, usually gone for a months time or more. She stated that she still lives at home with them and takes care of her little sister who is handicapped. So she just wanted extra prayer for her parents to keep them save.

This was great seeing the reaction of someone when you invite the power of prayer to their lives.

Have a blessed day!