Jesus is Real…not a Myth. March 13, 2015 – Posted in: Alpha Course – Tags:

This week we started a mini Alpha Course, a 14 week program designed to explore the Christian faith with a meal, a talk, and a small group discussion.

We started this journey with a friend of mine.  I’ve invited him several times to join our church’s alpha sessions, but due to his schedule he couldn’t make it.  So one night while praying the Lord brought to my mind, why don’t you just offer the course to him at work?  I prayed about it and everything seemed to be just working out perfect for this opportunity.  So we scheduled it for this week.  Met up with this guy at 5 am Tuesday, had some breakfast tacos, and started our first talk, “Who is Jesus?”  This talk was all about Jesus outside of the bible, proving that he was a Real person who walked this Earth.  Then, it goes in the Bible about who Jesus said He was / is.   Seeing this person’s reaction to this video is definitely going to be very memorable to me.  After the talk he looked at me and said “I didn’t know Jesus was real, I always thought Jesus was just a myth.”  I responded, “Like Zeus?”  He stated “Yes!”

A “Myth!” Man that was so hard for me to understand.  It made me realize even more how much people out there are really lost.   If someone doesn’t even know he was a living, breathing person how could they know that He came here to die for them, to save them!?

We went to lunch later that day to extend our discussion about the talk from that morning.  He told me after the talk it makes him want to open up a Bible and learn more about Jesus.

I honestly can’t wait for the next talk, “Why did Jesus Die?”, and see what God brings to his heart.  What a great start to a journey so far….Jesus is Real and He is AMAZING!

As we venture more into these talks we’d love if you could just say a prayer for this person and for protection against the evil one.  We are leaving his name undisclosed, so if you’re a prayer warrior and would like to pray for this individual specifically hit us up at .

If you are ever interested or have someone that you think would benefit from this Alpha Course check out their website, they have a Find a Course link where you can search for the nearest one to you.