Exciting New Things Are Happening October 29, 2014 – Posted in: Info

Hey All,

It’s been a very long time since we have actually blogged, but…we are still here 😉

We are blogging to tell you all about some of the new exciting things happening over at Be The Light Tees.

One of the major ones is a complete over-haul of our website. We are currently working on a more friendly and usable site that is more responsive. Here are some screen shots of our front page:

BTL_Front Page_pg1

BTL_Front Page_pg2

We are also excited about our new prayer request system as well. This feature is nice because you can submit a prayer request anonymously or personal. People then can see this and pray for it and respond by pushing a button stating you prayed for them. The prayer request person will then receive a notice daily stating that X amount of people prayed for you. We think this could be really encouraging and uplifting.Prayer Request

Here is our Product Page:


Other things we are working on is more social abilities within our site. For instance sharing your cart when you purchase something and automatically receiving 10% off your next purchase. Another social feature is customer reviews on products.

Right now we are planning to have the new website up and running on January 1st.

Things are going very well so far and we look forward to pushing this out in a couple months. We thank you all so much for your support and prayers. We hope that Be The Light Tees continues to be a blessing and inspiration to you.

We love you all very much!

Be The Light Tees Staff