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I’ve submitted a couple of posts up to now, with the idea that we are celebrating the advent of Christ’s birth and incarnation.  This post is not focusing on the incarnation, but here’s  a quick word on that:

There is much to say about the incarnation, how Christ gave full expression to what God is truly like, as well as what a human is supposed to be like . We get good indication of how God feels about religious leadership, the law, hypocrisy, the poor and the outsider, the state, and the kingdom of heaven.  He fulfilled all of what the law and the prophets had written about Him – which is more than a few messianic prophecies…He also exemplified and personified all major themes of the old testament and showed Himself to be their true end, or culmination.  A basic reduction of the major themes would be fourfold: “a dwelling place of God and man” “a bodily expression or bearer of the Image” “a spousal relationship” and “a many membered family.”  Most of the old testament, no matter what page you turn, is dealing with one of these themes, to one degree or another. They are established in the first two chapters of the bible, and are utterly fulfilled in Christ, as shown in the last two chapters of the bible. So this subject deserves its own posts, at some time in the upcoming new year, Lord willing.

As a last post on the celebratory time of Christ’s birth, we need to not miss the main lesson. It’s admittedly too simple, as I have missed it so many times before.  I’m not sure why, maybe we have an old tendency to make things complex, rather than see them in their simplicity. We’ve probably heard the main lesson of the season already this year. The main lesson includes, yet transcends this season, for it really is for all time.  We tend to forget the main lesson, so we have instructions to have a ceremonial meal as means to remember it. “Do this in remembrance of Me.” Similar to communion, is this main lesson of Christmas time.  Communion really is “common union” from which we get community. It is this “common union,” that I would state as the main lesson of Christmas …stated as thus:

“Come and behold HIM.”

The simple implication, which is often missed, is that we are to behold the whole of His person. We see similar statements in the scriptures, which we often hear in partial error, such as “believe in Me,” or “believe in the Son.”  Allow me to explain using a compare and contrast:

We are not to behold His mission, we are to behold Him.

We are not to behold His principles for living, we are to behold Him.

We are not to behold His miraculous birth, we are to behold Him.

We are not to behold how Christmas in America should be defended, we are to behold Him.

We are not even to behold the gospel acts of crucifixion and resurrection – apart from beholding these things as part of the totality of Him.  We are to behold His character, not concepts, a person, not principles…not mere doctrine, but Christ as the living Word, who exposits God.

John 1:18 “No one has ever seen God, But Christ has explained God.” (in the greek “explained” is the same root word for exposit – that which preachers attempt to do to the bible, Sunday from the pulpit…the implication is that Jesus explained God not by words only, but by His appearance and His very existence, the whole of who He is.)  So, if we trade Jesus for any of the things listed above, or other things merely associated with Him or the Christian life, we neither gain Him (and ironically) nor the things.  But if we pursue Christ for all that He is, all that He’s said and done will come to us in abundance…and all of the above will be set within the beautiful context of who He IS…His whole person, which is All in all.

A minor distinction? Perhaps, but the knot of your soul will unravel, when you open up to receive all of who He is, knowing that this quest never ends, nor is it traversed alone, rather it is with many brethren.

Christmas time reminds us that He has made Himself accessible, approachable, knowable…spiritually revealed even, so come to Him, all of Him, not just what you know of Him…but to Him that you do not yet know, too.  What do we do with Him? Yes, you listen to Him, submit to Him and obey Him, but this happens by His spirit within you…after you simply and consistently seek to behold all of Him and His beauty…so that it’s sincere and reflexive of who you really are…which is something you can only know by experience – you in Him, and Him in you.   So come to Him and behold Him, and don’t forget intentional fellowship too. Fellowship that exists to be done “in remembering  Him.” Not just some of Him, or a little of what He did, but rather, all of Him. When we freely come together with this intent, it actually happens, Christ becomes “re-membered.” Not as a babe in a manger, but who He really is now, a multi-dimensional, multi-membered body, who’s head is in heaven, yet who’s spirit filled body is on earth, a crucified, resurrected, glorified and incorporated Lord, the fullness of God which fills all in all. (Eph. 1:23)

The joke I tell people every year, is that I’ve learned enough Spanish to know what the word Christmas really means…since “mas” means “more” in Spanish, Christmas must mean “more Christ” – and that’s advent, easter and everything in between.

He’s All, so let’s re-member…and come and behold… [all of]



Russell K.