Christ is like creation January 22, 2013 – Posted in: Uncategorized

Christ is like creation…

The following is a more poetic post, with theological implications, the main one being that there is more to Christ than we currently think.

Christ is like a river. We can enter into His presence, get on our knees and feel the flow of life, be refreshed by His grace, play in the water, go for a brief swim in His Love.

Christ is like a lake. We can swim in deeper into the depths of His character and attributes, as seen in all of scripture and thus feel proportionately small.  The sun can set on the day…and like during the ends of all days, Christ can reflect beautiful Glory upon completion.

Christ is like a series of caverns.  Vast spaces open up to a whole other world down in His depths. His quiet, is a place to escape and seek shelter from this world.

Christ is like a tree. There is a decidedness to Him, rooted, grounded…down to earth.  There is a seasonal quality to His ministry and work in our lives. Yet there is also constancy. He’s an oak of righteousness to us.

Christ is like fruit. He’s always the Spirit’s results. Sweet to the taste and pleasing to the eye of the soul, or heart.

Christ is like the sky. Sometimes you just can’t seem to go there with Him. You can only look up to Him in awe, barely comprehending His ever expansiveness, knowing that He envelopes your world.

Christ is like a rock, bed rock even…foundation.  Never changing, reliable, sound and sure.

Christ is like the wind. No one counsels Him, nor knows to the fullest extent of where  He’s going or has come from, concerning all His doings.

Christ is like a morning star. A low star on the horizon of days, which gets bright signaling the rising of the sun, and thus the glory of a new day, which He always brings.

Christ is like the sun too. Many walk under Him never thinking about His brilliance, warmth and light. Despite being taken for granted, He is assuredly over us still.

There are many many other ways in which Christ is like creation, all of which pours forth the knowledge of the glory of God (Ps. 19), and that glory is always seen most clearly in the face, or person, of Christ. 2 Cor. 4:4

Russ K.