Celebrating Christmas in light of Christ and Zecharaiah December 10, 2012 – Posted in: Uncategorized

The following is a prayer/paraphrase taking inspiration from Zechariah’s song, celebrating  John the Baptist’s and Jesus’ upcoming births.  Since we are in such a time as this, know that other brothers and sisters in the Lord are reading and singing and deepening in one heart, centering around celebrating Jesus.

“May our affections and delight be towards the Triune God, who has come in Jesus, making people from any and all walks of life, significantly more healed and whole.  Jesus saves, and He saves us in all aspects of life, in every way, in His time.

Our restoration and our destiny is being announced now – that eternal purpose which God has always been orchestrating as Christ and the church. In accordance with this, the elements of darkness, and all that negative association, has, and is being dealt with, transcended.

God, your longstanding practice throughout history, of tenderness, mercy… being patient and kind, has culminated with us being able to live with You, and You with[in] us, where there is no guilt, nor unbearable burden, no old way of living together…but rather something new and far better…something which honors the old ideal, yet is becoming increasingly real, and will continue on, into all eternity.

John the Baptist – is one who has spoke of this, but rather, it’s not a “this” but a “person,” for it is Christ.

He spoke of Christ in such a way, that people got to know Him, got connected to Him, and in doing so, they no longer missed out on God.  Missing out on God will cease, again, because, oh God, of Your gentle and tempered ways in Christ.

God, your ways of providing and orchestrating Christ, could be likened to giving us the sun.  Needed for everything, all becomes warm and illuminated, everything thrives and derives life, and those contrary to Christ and all of this, are exposed. Yet they are exposed in such a way, that they can find a way out, their struggle can end, and upon arriving at all of who Christ is, they arrive at peace.

May it be, Lord.

It is so, Lord.

As Christ is, Lord.”



Russ K.