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The Gospel

The following is the gospel presented in a creative way, that you may only be so familiar with. Most of us know the gospel as “Jesus died for our sins.” But this is the good news telling us of this Jesus, who died for our sins, who He really is according to the scriptures. (Hint, He’s not just some small Galilean man, nor never really was.) I have two conversation type questions which I’ll state…

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Be The Light Tees Forums are LIVE!!!

All, We over at Be The Light Tees wanted to share with you that our Forums are live now! We are very excited about this as the forums give our users the ability to start their own “Blog” kind of story or just post useful information for others, or even the ability to just ask questions about life and our Lord.  It also is a tool we want to use for Prayer Requests and Monthly…

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How to Walk by the Spirit, or How to Really, Actually, Live by the Indwelling Life of Christ

There are many entry points into the subject of learning to walk by the Spirit.  A few of the more common ones are as follows : Some arrive out of sheer curiosity or upbringing.  The subject is presented to them in writing or teaching, and they respond accordingly.  Others, “burn out” of the Christian life, they try very hard to do and please God in various ways with little results, and eventually they hear an…

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